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Artist on the Verge of Fame By Libby Hopkins


Pablo Picasso once said, “The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place, from the sky, the earth, a scrap of paper, a passing shape, or a spider’s web.” In other word, inspiration can come from anywhere. Sean McHale, a graphic designer and digital artist from Scranton, Pa. says his art is inspired by science fiction movies, video games and his mother. While in college, he studied graphic design with the intent to be a computer animator. He learned a lot but soon realized that he wanted more after playing around with Photoshop.

“It was the first time I just got lost in something I was doing and what I created would end up being my first real art piece,” McHale said.

He knew then that all he wanted to do was make art. Being a child of the 80’s McHale loves video games and science fiction movies from that era and these elements are evident in his pieces. Another element to his work is his mother, Nancy. A few years ago, his younger brother, Jason, took his own life unexpectedly and it was very traumatic for the whole family. His mother brought their family through the difficult times that followed after his brother’s death.

“The one thing I’ve taken from that is how strong she had to be to get through that and carry that with her to this day,” McHale said, “With the pieces I’ve created, I always try to convey the idea and imagery of a woman surrounded by difficult and dark times by somehow can still find the light and shine through it.” He believes the perseverance and strength of a woman is extraordinary.

“They can be gentle and vulnerable but they can also be an unstoppable force,” McHale said. His art has been described as “an exploration of dark and destructive beauty” and his first piece, “The Beginning of the End” has gained quite a bit of attention after winning the “Best Artwork” award from the National Breast Cancer Society. The piece has been featured in various art publications and exhibits in his area. He feels this piece started his career. He achieved his goal of wanting to be seen as an artist and now he wants to branch out into other areas of art.

“I have my eye on a few different places,” McHale said, “I would love to do a show in Toronto because I love the city and they have a great art scene.” He is an artist on the verge of fame and fortune.

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