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  • witch
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    Samhain by Deirdre Powell

    Dark Harvest Lunation Celebrate this Celtic Ritual. Drapes in Orange and Black. Burning foliage of the old. Intoxication of sulfur and mulled wine Reading a prophecy awaiting a sign. Howling moon…

  • words

    Words By Michael Brautigan

    Words need us to do actions on their behalf. Words are like senior citizens that need help crossing the street. Words are children that need us to feed them. Words are…

  • vessal

    Vessel by Avaka Draka

    Such guilt displayed for the diminishment of torment For debts not paied to the suffering of the past A place set in the future A healing that bonds slave to master…

  • frozen

    Frozen by Deirdre Kennedy

    Starved and Carved And I smell a rat, Naked and numb And can’t tell that which is right And that which is wrong Memoir of gem war Slaved in along. The…

  • garden

    Garden Splash by Deirdre Powell

    Magic Mayhem Monuments Are sitting on my front porch Where orchids grow wildly A swing of ivory Flutters with fury When the giants wistfully sleep An orchestra of crickets plays the…