• drawing

    Artist George Koll

    A self-taught artist, George Koll began making paintings and drawings when he was 19 in Berkeley and San Francisco, where he lived. Influenced by artists such as George Grosz, his most…

  • scott

    The Dionysian Apostle by Scott Maxwell

    The Dionysian Apostle: Pablo Neruda’s relations with Hermeticism and Nietzsche The greatest poet of the 20th century in any language— Gabriel García Márquez Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a…

  • garden

    Garden Splash by Deirdre Powell

    Magic Mayhem Monuments Are sitting on my front porch Where orchids grow wildly A swing of ivory Flutters with fury When the giants wistfully sleep An orchestra of crickets plays the…

  • frank

    Frank O’Sullivan

    Limerick Ireland’s Frank O’Sullivan is oil on canvas figurative artist.  An established painter throughout Europe with works displayed in Irelands top museums and auction houses. As a contemporary painter, Franks concentrates…