Vessel by Avaka Draka

Such guilt displayed for the diminishment of torment

For debts not paied to the suffering of the past

A place set in the future

A healing that bonds slave to master

A merging coin, strengthened by dualistic tension

Forever pulling apart

Forever drawing near

And what of that blue flame, and the ether that holds me together?

My effervescent spark

Our dark night

Your raven moon

Lets dance the dance of the tribes, whose intention was to grow

Let not my body be the bile and filth they came here in

Let it be the warmth they wished for, when they asked for more

Better lives, blending root with wind

The intelegence that shapes thought

The crystalline energy of shiney new tomorrows

Our Mirror is earth

It’s her heart that guides us

It’s her we return to

Her grace is what lands, when we fall

Nothing is forsaken

All is forgiven

holding on to light,  is holding on to love

And so I call forth the final piece down that North Star journey

A  scared urge

A resting place

A gift

A devotion, varnished in blood

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