Words By Michael Brautigan

Words need us to do actions on their behalf.

Words are like senior citizens that need help
crossing the street.
Words are children that need us to feed them.
Words are subject to many weaknesses.
They get caught in the wrong place
at the wrong time and often don’t keep
very good company.

Words are mysterious things.
They appear quite flat on the surface,
but sometimes I swear I see a kind
of inexplicable geometry.
We all know how hollow words can become
but is it really entirely their fault?

And what about these ongoing issues
such as origin, presence, and uh, logo eccentricities?
The metaphysical baggage at the top
of the closet, just waiting to fall?
Or is it the most delectable noir thriller?

Words are possibly part of a giant nation
but with invisible heads of state.
This bureaucracy might be compared
to something out of a Kafka novel,
or maybe taken over by disenfranchised
former employees.

Whatever the situation is.
Words are not always the happy campers
we hope they could be, and this is why
I’m now passing around this petition,
to give our fellow words a helping hand,
and stop making so many demands.
After all, they’re just words in the end.

Michael Brautigan website:  http://www.brautiganpoem.wordpress.com/ 

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    Terri Kurczewski
    July 11, 2014 at 4:41 pm

    Bravo! Excellent!

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